Care instructions

BMS - General Care Instructions

  • Each garment has different requirements for its care, therefore it is essential that the care instructions be Product.
  • Functional clothing can be washed in the normal household washing machine.
  • Do not use a soft rinser!
  • Use powder detergent and no liquid detergent. This can contain plasticizers.
  • Do not use bleaching agents
  • For optimal results, you should only wash the garment with textiles of similar color.
  • Always turn garments to the left before washing.
  • All closures (zippers and knobs etc) always close the Velcro – so no fibres or other catches and the garment keep by washing.

Fleece can be washed well in the washing machine. A fleece is best not above 40 °c (beware, also note here label, some only washable at 30 °c), the rough side of the fleece when washing inwards and use a little less detergent than indicated. Simply wash the functional underwear according to the label. What you should avoid, however, is the use of soft rinsers. That produces a soapy grip.Fleece can and should be washed often enough. This does not cause any loss of function to be feared. If one washes too seldom, the sweat glues the breathable pores and deteriorates the function. Besides, it quickly very uncomfortable.

Care note so that the joy of your boot remains. Please protect your boots from Permanent direct sun exposure and frost! Oil and fats can attack natural rubber and make them porous or sticky.

Jackets can only defy drizzle and short showers if they are sufficiently impregnated. Therefore, if rain does not go off properly, they are impregnated. It works best after a machine wash. To do this, close all zippers and program an extra rinse. Only spin the laundry with a small number of revolutions and then hang it for drying.

Impregnation (e.g. Nikwax TX-Direct spray)
In principle, BMS clothing does not require any additional impregnation. If water is to be beaded from the surface of the functional jacket, the Aufsprühimprägnierung is suitable. The advantage is the specific application of the impregnation on the outer side of the garment. The inner side remains so untreated and can continue to absorb moisture and leave it to the outside.