History of the company PRO-X elements


At the beginning there was the idea of a light and always handy jacket that provides protection against moisture when needed. It should be easy and quick to pack. The solution: A lightweight jacket that, when not in use, can be rolled into the chest or side pocket and tied around the stomach with elastic bands. The ideal rain jacket was born.
Developed in the 70s by the French company K.WAY, this concept has quickly gained international acceptance. With the founding of K.WAY Deutschland GmbH as a sales subsidiary, it was possible to meet the growing demand in Germany and Austria.
The high demands of German and Austrian customers in terms of quality and fashion meant that the German branch under the direction of Matthias Cramer became self-employed in the 1990s. Based in Pirmasens, we have been developing and distributing weatherproof clothing ourselves.
In addition to functionality, over the years the fashion aspect has increasingly come to the fore. Materials, cut, accessories and equipment have been constantly evolving. Over the past 20 years, we have become one of the leading providers in our segment.

The new brand


In 2010, the now Italian brand owner announced that his brand K.WAY would only be sold in the fashion sector. Thus, we could open a new chapter in our company history and equip ourselves for the future.
With its own brand PRO-X elements, the Proven has received a new and fresh brand image. "Pro" stands for professionalism. "X" stands for the multitude of application possibilities, "elements" communicates the way into nature.
Now it is also possible to take account of the large demand from abroad. In a short time, the new brand was able to prove its worth in France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands and nothing stands in the way of further internationalization.