PRO-X elements - Fit informations


In order to live up to our claim to provide optimum weather protection, the garment must fit perfectly. Only then can the clothing work.
PRO-X elements jackets are available in up to 10 men's and 12 women's sizes, pants in up to 13 men's and 19 women's sizes. With a total of 35 different sizes, PRO-X elements covers almost the entire spectrum of human body dimensions.
The women's collection is graded exclusively in clothing sizes and thus corresponds more to the female anatomy than the usual unisex sizes.
For different body proportions we have provided different cuts. With Slim, Regular and Comfort Fit, PRO-X elements satisfies practically all requirements.
Not every person has Gardemaß, which is why we have long and short sizes as well as stocked sizes available in the trouser area.
In addition, there is still the possibility of almost all trousers to shorten up to 2 cm, because the zipper does not end for this reason at the leg end.
The PRO-X elements expertise in the overview:
Slim Fit refers to a body-contoured fit for slim people.
Regular Fit stands for a comfortable fit that suits most people.
Comfort Fit is a slightly wider fit for people with a broad upper body.



Regular Fit refers to a comfortable fit that is optimal for most women.
Slim Fit stands for a body-contoured fit with more or less waist.



UG Sized sizes are for people who are shorter and / or stronger.
LG Long sizes are for people with longer leg length.
KG Short sizes are for people with shorter leg length.