Care instructions

Care instructions for your PRO-X elements weather protection


Why and how should be washed regularly?


Sweat, grease (e.g., sunscreen), as well as dirt, may over time impair the breathable and waterproof properties of weatherproof clothing. Therefore, it is important to wash the garments regularly and according to the care instructions, in normal use about every 3-4 months.
For the washing process, the care symbols in the care label of the garment are relevant. Functional textiles are washed at 30 ° C in the gentle cycle (or, depending on the manufacturer, "easy-care" or "delicate wash"). In principle, no fabric softener or bleach should be used, but best a special detergent, which is 100% fabric softener free and, for. can be purchased in sports retailers.
After washing, the garment should be dried in a warm and dry place. The drying process also serves to reactivate the impregnation applied by the manufacturer if it is still present.
It should also be noted that the garment may not be ironed, bleached or dry-cleaned.


Why is post-impregnation necessary?


The outer material of a weatherproof clothing is provided with a new impregnation, so that water and dirt simply roll off. By wearing and washing the impregnation decreases. The outer material then sucks with water fully and thereby also affects the breathability of the membrane. In addition, it can lead to a clammy feeling when wearing.
Therefore, the impregnation should be renewed depending on the equipment every 3-5 washes. A simple bead test can be used to check if re-impregnation is required. Water drops should bead off easily. If this is no longer the case, the impregnation should be renewed either by spraying or washing. The instructions for use of the impregnating agent must be observed.