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PRO-X elements – Processing and product features


Processing and product features
  • As important as the functional materials themselves is their processing to weatherproof jacket or pants. Depending on the application, the PRO-X elements products are processed differently and have special product features.
  • The next expandable sections give you an overview of the most important features.
Welded seams
  • Prevent the ingress of water. The holes created by sewing with the needle are not completely closed by the thread. Water can penetrate, whereby the so-called capillary effect can intensify the effect. Only the seam tape that is welded with heat over the seams ensures absolute water resistance.
Elastic inserts (AIR + / AIR Plus)
  • Elastic inserts made of net material or lyre weaves increase wearing comfort and improve ventilation. Air Plus inserts are used on sporty cycling jackets at ergonomically favorable places that are not directly exposed to rain and wind, on the side or under the sleeves.
Reflecting elements
  • Reflective materials work on the principle of retroreflection. This means that incident light is reflected back to the light source. This ensures visibility at twilight and at night. They are in many ways z. B. used as a print, as a zipper cover or as a piping.
Water repellent zippers
  • Optimal protection against water ingress of zippers offers the over- or Unterpatte. If you need to save weight or for aesthetic reasons, water-repellent zips are used. The closely spaced straps are provided on the back with a waterproof polyurethane coating. So no water can penetrate through the carrier tape. These zippers can not be said to be watertight, as water can still penetrate through the gap between the straps.
2-way zipper
  • 2-way zippers are open with 2 sledges from the top and bottom, thereby increasing the comfort when sitting. This prevents at the same time that the zipper tears down. 2-way zippers are mainly used for longer jackets and in the bike area.
  • Through ventilation openings under the armpits or on the back, where the human body sweats the most, there is an increased circulation of air inside the jacket and increased air exchange. The openings under the armpits are regulated by a zipper. The back ventilation is achieved by overlapping the upper material.
Integrated hood
  • For many PRO-X elements models, the hood can be integrated into the collar. They are so well stowed away. In some cases, the rolled-up hood in the collar can be annoying. For many models, there is also the option to separate the hood from the jacket with a zipper or button placket. All hoods are individually adjustable by a drawstring at the front and a Velcro tab at the back of the head.
Napoleon pocket
  • Napoleon has his hands on his chest and because this position of the jacket pockets makes sense especially in rain jackets, these Napoleon bags were baptized. They sit next to the front zipper under the flap. The advantage is obvious: it is protected and accessible without the jacket having to be opened. Wind Rain and cold stay outside.
  • All of the PRO-X elements models include a pack sack. Often the packsack is integrated in one of the jacket pockets. By means of the elastic straps or straps attached, the jackets can be easily attached to the body, belt or backpack if required. So they are always at hand. In some cycling jackets, where the low weight plays a role, was dispensed with the side pockets. These jackets include a separate packsack.
PFC free
  • Since the beginning of 2016, PRO-X elements has been equipping all products in a PFC-free impregnation, relying on the Bionic Finish Eco formula from Rudolf Chemie and Teflon Eco Elite ™ from Chemours ™, which is free of environmentally problematic perfluorinated or polyfluorinated compounds (PFC'S ) get along.